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As a Product Marketing Manager at Accela, Kelly Delaney develops marketing campaigns and strategies, organizes thought leadership webinars and events and writes about the intersection of technology and civic innovation. An enthusiastic believer in clean, thriving and inclusive cities, Kelly began her career in environmental health data management software and continues to focus on public and environmental health. She has a BA from UC Santa Barbara. You can find her occasionally tweeting and on LinkedIn.

Infrastructure Matters: Four Ways to Extend the Life of Your Assets While Reducing Costs

Infrastructure Matters: Four Ways to Extend the Life of Your Assets While Reducing Costs
People often take for granted the key public infrastructure and assets that keep our communities functioning. From traffic lights responsible for keeping rush hour traffic moving, to storm drains that capture rainwater that might otherwise flood our neighborhoods, infrastructure matters to our country, our economy, our quality of life and our communities. Hundreds of organizations are raising awareness about the need to invest in infrastructure locally and nationally in celebration of Infrastructure Week and National Public Works Week. I think many public works departments would agree that using the right technology and tools is the first step for effectively managing public infrastructure as cost-efficiently as possible to maximize long-term investment. So in honor of this week, I want to share four ways local, innovative governments can use (and are using) technology to extend the life of their infrastructure and enhance the efficacy of their work. 1. Consolidate multiple sources of data......
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