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Environmental Health


Helping You Protect the Public’s Health

Environmental Health departments struggle with manual, paper-driven processes and essential information in disconnected spreadsheets and databases. With no way to easily consolidate data, paired with a continuously shrinking budget, the expectation is for agencies to do more with less. Accela makes it easy for the state, city and county departments to deploy web-enabled technology, amplifying the effectiveness of limited resources, creating efficient processes and improving data management for environmental health departments.

Accela’s comprehensive, configurable solution enables your agency to better manage inspecting, permitting, and billing processes by providing you with the environmental health expertise, tools, and training you need to fulfill your mission and protect the public’s health.

With Environmental Health, you can:

  • Manage data consistently in a consolidated database saving you time and money
  • Maximize limited resources through technology and automation
  • Enable agency staff to spend more time in the field delivering services and less time on routine or administrative tasks
  • Leverage Accela’s environmental health expertise, tools and training to better manage your programs
  • Gain greater efficiency, improve accuracy and offer greater visibility into regulated programs and processes

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[This solution] has increased our ability to collect fees for service sooner. This streamlining, coupled with the consolidation of our annual invoicing process, has allowed our department to function with less administrative staff who had done much of this work manually in the past”

Fresno County Environmental Health Department


The flexible, web-enabled offering includes the following key features:

  • Consolidated and Simplified Data Management
  • Agency-Controlled Page Design and Configuration
  • Activity Tracking and Workload Assessment
  • Reporting and Querying Capabilities
  • Task-Oriented Interface
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Permitting and Licensing
  • Financial Management
  • Complaint Management

Accela Environmental Health is a partner of the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) to help health departments build capacity through technology. Learn more.