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Pet Licensing

Make animal licensing effortless for your community

Accela Pet Licensing makes it easy for animal services officials and responsible pet owners to register pets and renew licenses directly from your website.

Shift the business of pet licensing from paper-based applications and tedious data entry to an easy-to-use online solution.

With the Accela Pet Licensing solution, pet owners can quickly register their pets, upload the required veterinary documentation and submit payment online. And our simple set-up allows your agency to be live within minutes.


With Accela Pet Licensing, you can:

  • Improve customer service with a simple way to register pets with just a few clicks
  • Save time for citizens and agency staff with 24/7 online access to license pets
  • Begin approving licenses at your agency within minutes
  • Focus your staff on value-added activities by eliminating tedious data entry
  • Increase the chance of reuniting lost pets with their owners 
  • Enforce licensing to protect your community from unvaccinated pets


Pet Licensing


Key Features

  • User-friendly web interface for pet owners to quickly register, renew and pay for pet licenses online
  • Fees specific to jurisdiction regulations
  • PCI-compliant payments online
  • Online review of uploaded vaccination or spay/neuter documentation before approving license application or renewals
  • Automatic email reminders sent to citizens for upcoming license expiration
  • Intelligent search to reunite lost animals with owners
  • Easily print original or a duplicate license



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