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Heidi Lorenzen is VP of Marketing at Accela. She is a high-impact global marketing executive with a 25+-year international career and passionate about taking fresh approaches to addressing the dramatic shifts in marketing that are placing unprecedented demands—and opportunities—on marketers. Heidi is known for her ability to see the deeper potential in companies, products and people, then pointing her passion, creativity and strategic thinking to create the absolute highest value from them. She's adept at leading change, repositioning companies, building legendary teams, reaching lofty goals, coaching and mentoring toward high performance, and “pushing the envelope” on creativity and innovation.

Making governments great again. One humble permit and license at a time.

I joined Accela this past Fall to help state and local governments work better for their citizens. I’m convinced that by improving everyday interactions between communities and their governments we can improve society as a whole. This was a natural career progression. Prior to Accela, I headed up marketing at Singularity University, a unique organization that helps executives and entrepreneurs understand and address the exponential rate of technological change to create a better future for humanity. I witnessed first-hand how hard it is for the private sector, let alone governments, to adapt. That’s why I answered the call about the opportunity at Accela, the technology leader modernizing governments so communities can thrive! Now four months into my role leading marketing here, I’m focused on raising awareness and understanding of Accela’s track record in, and solutions for, helping governments work better through technological progress. Unlike private sector companies which deliver goods...
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