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Max Schnoedl serves as Accela's Chief Operating Officer, overseeing Product, Sales, Delivery, Marketing and Accela's General Managers. Prior to his current role, Max served as Accela's Chief Financial Officer and led the company's executive committee, focusing on strategic growth priorities. Previously, Max served as Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, raising $200+M capital and leading the acquisitions of numerous civic tech companies.

Before joining Accela, Max served as Vice President at Deutsche Bank San Francisco and helped software companies accelerate growth. Previously, Max worked with Deutsche Bank in New York and Frankfurt as Vice President in Group Strategy, and in Regional Management in Moscow, Russia. Max started his career in government, as a cabinet member of Austria’s Federal Minister of Science.

Max holds a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna, Austria, and an M.B.A. from Harvard University. He also serves on the Board of BRZ GmbH, a leading European e-government provider with €250+m in revenue.

Legalize it? Regulate it!

Legalize it? Regulate it!
We are entering a new era of innovation, disruption and change. The very “norms” of how we live, travel and use energy are changing. Some of these changes are technologically-driven; e.g. ride- and home-sharing platforms such as Uber and Airbnb, or solar panels and their next generation, solar roofs. And some are cultural shifts—ten years ago we were telling kids not to talk to strangers online or get into unknown cars. Today, we casually hop into the car of a stranger we are connected to through an app and trust they will take us to our desired destination. Emerging responses While the sharing economy provides convenience and progress for many, it can also be quite challenging for government agencies to navigate. Across the country, the fight to determine how or if these changes will take permanent hold in our society continues to be waged. In fact, governments swing wildly on...
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