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Srini Kakkera is Accela’s Chief Technology Officer, focused on overseeing critical engineering functions, technical platform strategy and management of development teams, hosting operations with embedded security and compliance. Srini is a seasoned industry veteran with an entreprenual background who has built and delivered world-class cloud products.

How Customer Data is Secure in the Cloud

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, and considering the number of data breaches that occured in 2017, this topic has never been more relevant or timely. As a solution provider to governments around the world, we see our customers’ dedication to protecting their communities and providing public services. The security of their data is critical to our mission as well, and we work everyday to ensure customer confidence around security and compliance. Accela has been in the business of providing governments with secure solutions for decades. We are a FISMA-NIST compliant solution provider, and fundamental to our solution offering in the cloud is a battle-tested, unwavering commitment to providing our customers with an enhanced security and compliance framework that meets the needs of highly-scalable, enterprise-class workloads. We cover the key areas of identity security, network security, system security, data and key security, monitoring, response, compliance and privacy. The above framework...
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