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At Accela, Zack reviews and manages the company’s legal contracts. He is an attorney admitted in New York, who has worked in New York Supreme Court Treatment Courts researching correlations between the law and successful drug treatment therapies. He also worked at the Chilean Ministry of Justice drafting criminal justice legislation for the Chilean legislature.

Expanding Cannabis Policy and Platforms to Support a Growing Industry

The last several election cycles have demonstrated quite a shift in American politics, particularly when it comes to cannabis regulation. Voters in 29 states have legalized medical cannabis, and nine of those states have legalized recreational cannabis use for adults as well. There has been plenty of activity at the federal level, which sometimes conflicts with state and local actions. The most recent spending bill keeps federal protection prohibiting Congress from using federal funds to prevent states from developing their own marijuana markets.                   State and local governments considering their regulatory approach should note that—although still something of a gray area—the law may be evolving in order to support taxation and reinforce programs of public safety, ethical business ownership and fair competition. A Coordinated Approach to Cannabis Regulation   There are variations in how this may be done—we typically see an integrated, multi-departmental process involving inspection and permitting by such agencies...
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