A Partnership to Enrich Technology

The Building Capacity Column

Accela Environmental Health's Building Capacity column, as a foundational component of our partnership with NEHA, profiles the successful technology and performance improvement projects of municipalities across the country. Find Accela's Building Capacity column bi-monthly in the nationally-recognized Journal of Environmental Health.

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JUNE 2018
Building Capacity Gadget by Gadget
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APRIL 2018
Building Capacity by Hacking Your System Implementation
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Fort Worth Builds Capacity Through a Customer Focused and Consolidated Delivery of Municipal Services
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Amplifying Environmental Health Visibility to Build Capacity
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JUNE 2017
Building Environmental Health Capacity in the Cloud
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APRIL 2017
Crumbine Award Winner Continues to Build Capacity
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Building Capacity Through Public Health Headlines
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Building Capacity to Respond and Recover
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Three Health Departments Build Capacity by Leveraging Partners and Existing Datasets
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JUNE 2016
Peer Reviews Build Capacity for County Inspection Effectiveness
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APRIL 2016
Regional Data Standards Build Capacity for Health Departments
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Civic Engagement Builds Capacity for Health Departments
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Embracing a Unified Brand Builds Capacity for Health Departments
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JUNE 2015
Internet of Things Builds Capacity for Automatic Temperature Logging
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APRIL 2015
Analytics Build Capacity for Health Departments Combatting Rodent Infestations
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GIS Builds Capacity to Reclaim Brownfields and Respond to Public Requests

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The Building Capacity initiative formalizes a long-standing relationship between the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) and Accela Environmental Health, to further the use, fit and future development of IT resources for the environmental health profession.

"NEHA and Accela share the goal of supporting environmental health professionals to be more effective and efficient in the local communities they serve. Whether monitoring our food safety, our drinking water quality, or air pollution, use of current technology is a vital tool in recording and tracking data saving countless hours of manual documentation.” Dr. David T. Dyjack, Executive Director/CEO

The partnership hinges on a multi-agency advisory board charged with defining and driving development of Accela Environmental Health management, permitting and inspection software. In addition, NEHA will continue to advocate the benefits of software utilization for the advancement of the profession.


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