Alabama ABC Board Takes Control of Licensing Processes with Single-System Approach

State centralizes disparate systems to deliver improved efficiency and ROI

Nestled in the heart of the South, the State of Alabama is a tourism powerhouse boasting a diverse culinary scene with award-winning restaurants, world-class golf courses and charming beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Fueling its energetic pulse is
a vast education system with 26 colleges and universities and more than 200,000 undergraduate students, and more than 760,000 visitors to its state parks.

Four systems, one agency

The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board was increasingly challenged with the use of four different systems to handle applications, renewals and citations across 67 counties. The State wanted a single solution that could handle all required functions — and provide the control it needed — without having to reinvent the wheel with a lot of customization.

Cloud-based and ready to go

After inviting Accela to demonstrate its alcohol licensing solution, and then completing a required Request for Proposal (RFP) and stringent grading process, the Board chose the Accela Civic Platform for several reasons. Since the solution is cloud-based, it eliminated the cost of buying servers to handle its high volume of processing. In addition, Accela met most of the Board’s needs “right out of the box” and didn’t require major customization. Shares Project Manager Donna Spivey, “We did not want a system that we would have to heavily customize to suit the Alabama ABC, and Accela was one of the few — probably the only one — that did not require major work to fit our needs.”

Moving forward with strong partner support

With comprehensive guidance and support from long-time Accela partner Razavi Application Developers, the Board has started the implementation. The team is making tough decisions about what goes and what stays in terms of data and functionality, viewing it as an opportunity to clean house in terms of old processes and
redundant data.

“Everybody we have come in contact with, who was either directly employed or representing Accela, has been amazing,” says Donna Spivey. “I cannot say enough about the help we’re getting from our implementation provider, Razavi Application Developers. Their knowledge of Accela’s solutions is just impressive.”

Looking ahead

Although the implementation has just begun, Donna looks forward to using a single licensing system. Apart from providing process efficiencies, it will also eliminate significant costs related to third-party development fees and transaction fees.

Donna feels confident about the return on investment from the Accela solution:
“I believe that the system will pay for itself in the first three years.”

Interested in learning more?

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Alabama seal

The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board


Consolidate key processes performed by four disparate systems onto a single, cloud-based system

Accela Licensing and
Case Management,
Citizen Access 

Consolidate all licensing processes into a single system with seamless sharing of information

Return control to the agency with internal administrative capabilities

Eliminate cost of purchasing servers with
a hosted solution

Reduce immediate and long-term costs by eliminating ongoing development and transaction fees

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