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New Braunfels, Texas, Streamlines Approach to Tracking and Managing Assets

Single, customizable solution empowers capital asset record management

New Braunfels is located deep in the heart of Texas Hill Country in Central Texas. Stretching across Comal and Guadalupe Counties, the City is situated roughly halfway between San Antonio and Austin. With a population of 60,000, New Braunfels boasts a growing tourist population thanks to its German heritage and annual Wurstfest and large offering of tubing and sailing locations.

The City of New Braunfels was working hard to track their various assets, but they were doing so across various applications, including a financial system, a fleet maintenance system and numerous spreadsheets. Information collected about each asset was hard to find or inconsistent. In late 2012, financial auditing consultants offered recommendations for improving the City’s recordkeeping in regards to capital assets. The City Manager wanted a solution that could be applied City-wide, with solutions to manage planning, building, code enforcement and assets, including public works, facilities and IT assets.

“Flooding is very common in our City. So when a sign is washed away, we need to know where to put it back up. But beyond that, we need to know how much value we have in those assets,” says William Flynn, GISP, Senior IT Specialist with the City of New Braunfels.

How Accela Empowers New Braunfels

The Accela Asset Management solution was selected over the City’s existing financial management software to be the master container for tracking City assets and calculating depreciation. The solution is self-hosted and includes the Facilities, Fleet, IT and Parks Divisions.

The City is taking a multi-phased approach to achieve success. The first phase included logging the most valuable capital assets, those over $5,000 in value. Additionally, the City recently completed a GPS inventory of roughly 8,000 sign posts and 14,000 traffic signs within the City limits.

“We appreciate the flexibility of Accela’s Asset Management solution,” shares Flynn, “through which we can define almost any asset type we need. From a police cruiser to a generator or a park bench to a laser printer, we can customize the attributes we want to know about each asset, and associate them with work orders or scheduled maintenance and, in some cases, even track location by integrating with GIS.”

The Bottom Line

New Braunfels is now able to manage key information for each asset, including property control number, serial number, description, location, date of acquisition, original cost, useful life, depreciation and salvage value. When managing vehicles, the City includes fields related to a drive train, the VIN number and other important details. The solution is customizable by asset type level and over time, the goal is to integrate over 4,000 assets into the system.

Continues Flynn, “As a prototype we inventoried everything in IT, including workstations, computers, servers and switches to show what the solution is capable of. Now we’re able to run a report and show what our total pool of value in IT assets is. We have a system in place now that is flexible and expandable.”

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New Braunfels, Texas


Streamlining capital asset management across multiple divisions

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Single database for all capital assets

Customizable fields enable asset-specific data entry

Simple, seamless view into total asset pool offers transparency and standardization

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