Westminster, Colorado, Enlists CityGovApp to Develop Manhole Inspection App

Work Crews Reduce Inspection Times from Five Minutes to 30 Seconds

The City of Westminster must keep up with an aging infrastructure and increasing maintenance and repair needs for more than 500 miles of potable water lines, 1,200 manholes and 400 miles of sewer pipes.

How Accela Empowers Westminster

The Accela Asset Management solution integrates with the Division’s Esri ArcGIS system, which allows staff to visualize work orders spatially and prioritize efforts and resources with a color-coded view of sewer lines, maintenance schedules, sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) history, tree types, service requests and work orders on a map in addition to the ability to flag trends where issues have occurred in the past.

Making Manholes Mobile

The Division is also further integrating mobile solutions to enable real-time inspection results and updates from the field. Recently, the Division engaged CityGovApp to develop a Manhole Inspection Application for the agency. The simple solution allows field staff to perform regular manhole inspections using their mobile devices and eliminates paper forms and long delays due to the time gap between filling out forms and entering data in the office. The app offers the ability to create inspections in the field, includes photo documentation and works with or without connectivity.

“We inspect a couple thousand manholes a year,” explained Alvis. “Now, we enter it one time and we’re taking 30 seconds to create an inspection where before it was taking five minutes. We get 10 times as much done and we can visualize it on a GIS map to help us plan and evaluate for the future.”

The Bottom Line

By leveraging mobile apps for manhole inspections, staff is more productive and efficient in the field and has completely eliminated the need for paperwork. With Accela, the City of Westminster digitized its old paper records, went from being reactive to proactive and has significantly improved coordination with other city departments.

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Westminster, Colorado


Increase productivity and reduce delays associated with inspecting more than 1,200 manholes around the City

Departments Using
Utilities Operations Division, Streets Division

Accela Asset Management, Accela Land Management, Accela GIS, Accela Mobile Office, Manhole Inspection App

Improved efficiency and productivity of field staff and balanced workload distribution

Reduced individual manhole inspection time from five minutes to 30 seconds

Better managed inventory and prioritized most critical assets

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