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Our departments understand that the Civic Platform is a kind of generic platform that can be customized and used with many different business processes. It’s a platform they can change and continually use to improve their own business process.”

David Lindsay,
Group IT Manager,
Land Use and Environment Group

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Automation is the heart of the Civic Platform. It uses an open architecture and a centralized database, allowing event, transaction and contact activity to be shared across departments. The result is improved communication between office and field workers, citizens, businesses and other key stakeholders. 

Whether your agency serves a large metropolitan area like Cleveland, Ohio, or a small town like Nogales, Arizona, the benefits are the same: doing more with less—in less time.

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Key Features Include:


With the widespread adoption of mobile devices, we offer mobile capabilities for iOS, Android and Windows-based smartphones and tablets. Our cloud-based application allows virtually any device to interface with our Civic Platform.


We have enabled public agencies to provide an online web portal for citizens, which provides the ability to view a real-time status of agency projects and applications. Our goal is to provide applicants with more information, greater flexibility and the ability to interact with government 24/7 in diverse languages. The ability to put processes online not only allows applicants to take advantage of self-service, but it also increases agency staff productivity as well as addresses budgetary concerns to help government do “more with less.” Learn more.


To speed time to deployment and help maximize your investment, whether on-premise or in Accela’s hosted Cloud, our Best Practice Templates (BPTs) allow an agency to deploy e-government services right out of the box, including preconfigured workflows, data structures, fees, business logic, standard reports and web forms. These templates are a culmination of more than 32 years of experience of Accela working with government agencies to streamline and make government services more efficient.

Electronic Document Review

Select and compare two PDF documents, such as plans, using either side-by-side or overlay display to quickly review and approve changes.



Administrators have the ability to quickly define fees and fee schedules to assess, invoice and collect full or partial payments from a central payment center within the Civic Platform.



Workflows can be fully configured to support simple routing and approvals all the way to complex scenarios involving multiple departments and multiple steps.


Transaction records such as permits, inspections and licenses can be displayed on a map and use different maps to improve decision-making and streamline processes. Both Microsoft Bing Maps and ESRI ArcGIS Online are supported. Learn more.

Integration with Esri ARCGIS Online


Workflows can be configured to automatically trigger system alerts, send email notifications and generate reports, letters and other notices.


Agencies can leverage an existing investment in Oracle, Crystal or Microsoft reporting tools to provide robust management reporting as well as business forms that are tightly integrated into the overall business process.


Agencies have a consolidated view of email, alerts, announcements and messages. Calendar invitations for meetings, hearing and events can be accepted and availability can be checked through Outlook. Communication can be triggered from tasks or events. Get a comprehensive view of all communications within a single console, including an agency-level correspondence list and a record-level communication list, to improve communication and promote civic engagement.

Outlook integration

Additional products are available to expand and enhance the functionality of Automation, including IVR, Mobile Office and Analytics.


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