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What's New in Civic Platform 9.1.0?

Released in June 2017, Civic Platform 9.1.0 delivers a number of enhanced features for more efficient usage and a better customer experience. From cross-agency search capability to view a consolidated list of permits or licenses across multiple jurisdictions, to Transport Layer Security protocol support for 1.2 compliance for payment adapters (PayPal and Virtual Merchant), 9.1.0 provides users with resource-saving features for added efficiency and privacy.

Cross-Agency Search Enhancements

One of the most exciting features with 9.1.0 is the ability to globally search records and link transactional records across multiple jurisdictions. Updated forms for this capability include record search, inspection search, related record search and lookup, as well as enhanced global search for transaction records, address locations, contacts, license professionals, documents, asset inventory and parcels.

Cross Agency Search Enhancements Image 

Accela GIS Updates

Several areas have been enhanced to provide updates to Accela GIS including support for image servers and vector and raster data, as well as the ability to edit GIS layers. AGIS admin offers the ability to define multiple map profiles for different user roles, enable select layers for editing, and isolate mission critical map services. Specifically, 9.1.0 offers users persisting map views and new layer settings, along with preferred settings.

Additional usability improvements include multi-selection tools—you can now select by rectangle and polyline—enhanced editing GIS features to handle multiple editing transactions in one session, and the ability to support ArcGIS Imagery service.

ArcGIS Image

Key highlights:

  • Enhanced JavaScript GIS: create points, lines, and polygons in your existing GIS datasets for on-the-fly data creation as part of your agencies business process
  • Support for ESRI Image Server: leverage ESRI image servers as a map service within the GIS map configuration

TLS Security Protocol Support

Civic Platform 9.1.0 also offers Transport Layer Security protocol support for TLS 1.2 compliance to move to the most secure SSL/TLS protocol. It provides privacy and data integrity between two communication applications to ensure information is encrypted and authenticated. If your agency is using PayPal services, beginning June 30, 2017, PayPal will require the use of the TLS version 1.2 communication protocol, so action may be required to avoid disruption of services. A patch is available for 9.1.0, and hotfixes are offered for the 8.0.X and 7.0.X versions and

Other Notable Updates

Trust Account Events Enhancements

  • Provides two new events for trust accounts – “before” and “after”
  • Offers the ability to create a trust account for a public user and send both account and deposit amounts to an integrated financial system in real time

Trust Act image

Large file update for Citizen Access

  • Allows citizens the ability to upload and attach files up to 1GB when using Citizen Access



What's New in Civic Platform 9.0

Launched in Spring 2017, Civic Platform 9.0 includes many enhanced features and functionality, specifically requested by Accela customers. From a redesigned workflow to improve agency efficiency, to enabling partial payments through Citizen Access, 9.0 provides users with a more modern and streamlined experience.


Built with improved efficiency in mind, the workflow’s new design leverages Bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive and powerful framework for developing fast, responsive web pages. The workflow’s design aligns with an updated HTML user interface, surfacing the information you need when you need it, and providing improved usability and readability with fewer clicks.

Specific workflow updates include a new form designer, summary and expanded views, and a link to view the entire workflow build in the Workflow Designer.

Workflow user

With the updates, users can view tasks in-progress, and upcoming, as well as access sub-task details and AdHoc workflow tasks in detail with an expanded view.


With 9.0, residents now have the ability to make partial payments through Citizen Access. Residents can pay for individual “due now” items online and return to their account to pay for remaining items later, helping them avoid fines for incomplete payment. In addition, agencies are able to collect fees along the way rather than waiting for the full payment, which can provide funds quickly and simply, and greatly reduce the volume of paper checks processed in the back office.

ACA partial payment


In the 9.0 release, we also updated the GIS mapping capability, adding a location-based page flow in Citizen Access. This allows the selection of a location on a map during an application process, which can automatically populate the Address and Parcel sections of the application. This enhancement removes Silverlight dependency in Citizen Access, which removes the restriction of only using Internet Explorer.

GIS map

Key highlights:

  • AGIS Admin can define initial map extent and manage map services order. The ArcGIS online basemap is now the default
  • Support for ESRI ArcGIS 10.4, 10.3 and 10.2
  • Civic Platform 9.0 applications, including JavaScript and Silverlight GIS, now implement SHA-2 password encryption to comply with FISMA information security requirements


Civic Platform 9.0 also brings significant improvements to AdHoc reporting. Free with the Civic Platform, it features an updated look, new dashboards and enables the embedding of HTML and Javascript.


The Civic Platform experience is supported with Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 11, Microsoft® Edge for Windows® and Google Chrome™ browsers. At this time, Edge is required to access the new user interface. Internet Explorer® version 10 is no longer a supported browser.

Extra Help for you to Upgrade
All updates have been delivered automatically for Accela hosted customers and are now available for download for on-premise customers.

For hosted customers, we have listened to your needs. To help you upgrade to the latest software, we have put packages together to fit your needs. With options for services hours to implement the product, and training hours to get your staff up to speed, we want to make the process as easy for you as possible. We are here to help! Contact your Account Manager for more details.