Focus on new services for citizens, businesses and employees—not IT infrastructure

Accela Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) helps agencies respond to the rapid modernization of technology and challenges of deployment—these include managing cybersecurity issues, compliance, shrinking or unstable budgets, and hiring and retaining IT talent. Modern, powerful solutions hosted in a cloud environment empower governments to be flexible, save money and dedicate more time to strategic IT initiatives and innovation.


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Enjoy top cybersecurity protection
Safeguard your data with the highest levels of security and compliance.
Move from CapEx to OpEx model

Eliminate costly hardware and software maintenance and implementation activities, and unpredictable monthly costs.

Access to additional common services

Automatically have access to Accela Licensing, Land, Environmental Health, Asset Management and GIS solutions.

It’s your data, available when you need it

Access your data anywhere, anytime.

St Michael
With Accela, I no longer have to be concerned with applying updates and patches to the applications and infrastructure. There has been a push in the last five or six years, really across the whole state, for agencies like our own to be more self-sufficient when it comes to IT initiatives.



Accela SaaS includes everything needed to deploy application services directly to your employees and citizens:
  • Hardware servers and storage
  • Infrastructure software, including OS, database, load balancing software, performance monitoring, app servers, web server, and security and compliance software
  • Accela applications software
  • No additional fees around support and software/hardware upgrades
Leading data security practices
Compliance with high standards

Accela SaaS uses industry-leading cloud infrastructures that meet stringent data security standards, including NIST 800–53 and FISMA compliance, PCI-DSS, SOC 2, and SSAE 16 certifications. Web and API traffic are protected by SSL sessions encrypted through TLS.

Constant testing and evaluation

Accela has secure coding practices, and uses enhanced monitoring tools to perform code analysis. We conduct ongoing vulnerability and penetration testing, resulting in high degrees of system and data security.

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A dedication to data integrity and recovery

In Accela’s cloud infrastructure, your data is stored securely via synchronized disaster recovery sites in multiple remote locations. This protects our customers in the event of natural disasters or sitewide outages.

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Reduced overall spend

Moving to the cloud eliminates the time, hassle and costs associated with hardware, software, security, load balancing, redundancy, and the hard-to-find IT resources.

Enjoy predictability and long-term savings
Predictable monthly costs

Our SaaS customers receive all they need for one predictable monthly fee. This means no more large capital expenditures for infrastructure hardware and software, implementation, or additional spend for upgrades and refreshes of the technology. In the cloud, a higher percentage of your IT spend can be used for creating innovative services for employees and citizens.

Automatic software updates

Accela solutions are updated automatically with the latest features and functionality, so you’ll never get stuck on an old version or have to invest resources in planning for implementing new releases.

Topline performance

Accela’s cloud solutions have 99.9% uptime. Our investment in real-time performance monitoring ensures the highest level of performance for users.

Dynamic infrastructure scaling

As your constituency and service offering grows, Accela’s dynamic scaling infrastructure adjusts automatically to ensure high levels of responsiveness and throughput.

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Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs leverages Software-as-a-Service to improve services and cut costs.
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivers
cost savings and automatic functionality
updates for forward-looking municipality


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