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Case Studies

“Accela allows us to be more strategic with our investments. For infrastructure improvement,
we used to do it just on the age of the pipe and that’s not very strategic. Now, we’re leveraging this information to see where
our worst spots are, and we’ll repair those first so we can enhance the life of our existing materials.”

Stephen Gay
Utilities Operations Manager,
Westminster, Colorado

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Wastewater Systems

Mitigate the threat of wastewater issues, polluted water and costly community impact

Your primary objective is to maintain the sewer system as economically and proactively as possible, while providing high levels of customer service and minimal disruption to citizens. Accela Asset Management provides an integrated asset management and work order solution for wastewater collection and treatment activities for grey water reuse or discharge into rivers, lakes or the sea.

With Accela Asset Management, you can:

  • Track and maintain a comprehensive asset inventory, including a lifetime history of parts inventory, preventative maintenance and condition assessments using your agency GIS data
  • Automate preventative maintenance schedules and maximize efficiency with work order templates
  • Prolong the life of your infrastructure components and minimize the total costs associated with operating wastewater systems


Manage asset information including attributes, cost, value, location and maintenance history. Perform intelligent maintenance analysis with historical data, and create preventative maintenance schedules configured against a single water line or your entire system.


Leverage work order templates to pre-populate standard details for routine, repetitive jobs, or extract and export key data quickly and easily to a spreadsheet.


Comply with agency-specific or industry reporting requirements with flexible reporting tools. 


Integrate with SCADA systems to quickly access and analyze information to rank and prioritize activities based on critical need, consequences of blockage and failure, as well as violations or public health concerns.

REDUCE overflows

Minimize sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) or combined sewer overflows (CSOs) from sending polluted water and sewage into nearby waters.