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Emerging Regulatory Spaces

Streamline internal processes and embrace new regulatory mandates efficiently and transparently

In today’s environment, new technologies and markets are delivering both innovation and disruption to communities and states. Accela’s suite of regulatory solutions helps local and state governments streamline and modernize new regulatory programs and processes to improve internal efficiency, enhance service delivery and transparency, capture revenue and ensure citizens are protected while enjoying the benefits that these emerging industries provide.

Solar Permitting

Streamline the solar panel permitting process to jumpstart the switch to clean energy in your community.
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Cannabis Regulation for Local Governments

Automate the issuance of new licenses and permits, renewals and transfers, investigations and hearings, code enforcement, environmental health activities, and zoning and occupational licensing to keep the public safe, capture revenue and boost economic development. Learn More ›

Short-Term Rental Licensing

Whatever your unique local requirements, capture revenue and encourage compliance from short term rental operators. Learn More ›

Cannabis Regulation for State Governments

Automate the issuance of new licenses and permits, capture revenue and integrate with track-and-trace systems and local counterparts to ensure a seamless and efficient regulatory system.
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What other regulatory challenges and disruptive industries are you facing? Let’s talk about how Accela’s robust solutions can help you manage them.