Encourage tourism, protect citizens and businesses, and diversify your economy

Advances in technology have enabled citizens to partake in the sharing economy and more easily open their homes to travels. Many communities, however, are struggling to balance this new frontier and entrepreneurial spirit.

Accela Short-term Rental Registration delivers that balance with a streamlined licensing and enforcement system for governments and hosts. The online portal provides a quick and efficient route to web-based registration, while simplifying and encouraging compliance.


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Automate and digitize the registration process
From applying online to downloading a license as a PDF, your community can automate and digitize as much of the registration process as you’d like.
Stay ahead of changing regulations

Policies and regulation can change in young markets. Accela STR Registration is easily configurable to keep your department on track.

Track complaints to target enforcement efforts

When there are thousands of STRs in one community, it may not be practical to visit every operation. By capturing complaints and other forms of non-compliance, you can direct staff where they are most needed.

Easily monitor and demonstrate your success

Advanced reporting helps you track your efforts and report results to stakeholders and the public quickly.

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"We’re leveraging 21st-century technology to meet operators where they are."

Nathan Batchelder, Former Legislative Analyst, Department of Excises and Licenses, City and County of Denver, CO


Online registration for a tech-savvy audience
Fast and simple registration, 24/7

Meet your customers where they’re most comfortable—online. A single, dedicated web page ensures operators never get lost on your site and reduces the barriers to registration for a modern, mobile audience that is used to doing business online, outside of normal working hours.

Easy and instant access

STR operators can apply for and renew permits, pay fees, upload documentation and download their finalized permit, all from the same site.

GIS integration

Direct access to geospatial land-use, zoning and enforcement information speeds up the process of reviewing applications.

Work smarter, not harder
Process optimization

Intelligent workflow routing, automatic notification, and concurrent online plan and document review provides instant visibility for staff and leadership and keep applications and other records moving forward.

Robust reporting

Built-in and ad hoc reporting delivers visibility into department activities to help leadership (and the public) understand local STR activity and make data-driven decisions.

Connected in the field
Mobile apps for field staff

Modern, integrated mobile apps allow field inspectors to collect critical data, photos, and documents and share them with the office and other agents.

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Denver, Colorado
Denver Boosts Short-Term Rental Regulation Compliance with First Online Registration Process
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