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Transformative financial solutions for local government

Enable mission-critical processes to be more productive and keep your agency’s tasks moving forward with transformative, cloud-based solutions for finance and budgeting, tax, payroll and human resources to fuel fast, accurate work.



Precise and Powerful
Masterfully manage, report on and share information on your complex financials with cloud-based tools for general ledger, budgeting, procurement, bank reconciliation and project management tools. Learn more ›



Self-Service and Full Service
Help your staff work better and faster to take care of your most important resources, anytime, anywhere with automated features for HR and payroll. Learn more ›

business TAX

Streamline and Simplify
Automate cumbersome processes and facilitate the preparation, filing and paying of local business taxes to get money in the bank faster. Learn more



Compliance and Collection
Manage the entire financial cycle, including resident record management, imports, billing fees and collections. Learn more ›

Developed by and for local government teams


Eliminate the complexities of municipality financial systems with automated processes for fast and accurate work.



Deliver speedy, efficient customer service with no nonsense software that provides staff with flexible tools to meet any challenge.


Tackle infrastructure processes with easy-to-use, coud-based software for Utility Billing, Finance and Budgeting, and Payroll to help you focus on profitability.



Manage office workflow and keep audits and budget cycles ahead of schedule with detailed reporting software through our Finance, Payroll, Utility Billing, Tax Collection, and online billing.

Make the change with a move to the cloud

Spend Less Time Managing IT

51% of cloud users said that since moving to the cloud they spend less time managing IT overall, and 50% said they used fewer internal IT resources.

Understanding the Value of the Cloud

43% of businesses using software as a services (SaaS) wished they had made the jump to the cloud sooner.

Harnessing Reliability and Efficiency

55% of cloud users say the #1 benefit is increased efficiency and that they get more done with cloud-based software. Learn more


 By leveraging tools in the cloud, wherever I go I have access to the system. It’s the ultimate form of flexibility. Plus, we never have to worry about upgrades.”

David Rodenbach, Finance Director, City of Gig Harbor, WA