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“We have 89 jurisdictions that we contract with on a regular basis, which means a lot of users to maintain at any time. We not only save them money, but we also make it easier for customers so they have a consistent experience.”

Daniel Sampson,
Enterprise Permit System Manager,
St. Louis County, Missouri

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Empower your field staff with real-time, mobile capabilities

Inspectors have traditionally split their time between planning their work schedules at the office, actually performing inspections and then manually entering results back at the agency. What would it mean for your agency if they could spend 100% of their time in the field?

With Accela Land Management for Inspections, inspectors have everything they need to stay in the field and focus on revenue-generating activities that help your community thrive. Inspectors can:

  • Review a list of inspections for the day on a mobile device and optimally plan their schedules from a map
  • Reference all the information they need—including current plans, historic permits and code details
  • View geospatial information of all land-use, zoning and enforcement data associated with a property via automated maps with Accela’s award-winning Esri ArcGIS integration
  • Create and print reports in the field, include comments and photos, and draw and attach sketches
  • View work information offline with store-and-forward mode for staff with limited or no connectivity in the field
  • Increase productivity by sending real-time results and information back to the agency and the customer


It is hard to take a computer inside a jobsite and it’s hard to do an inspection when you are lugging a computer. Our inspectors are able to do a comprehensive inspection, capture pictures and send automatic notifications to the contractors, all in real time.”

Stu Craven -  Senior Applications Analyst
Omaha, Nebraska


Key Features

  • Schedule inspections with ease: Assign, schedule and route inspections to the appropriate staff members. Your inspectors can access daily inspection schedules and optimize travel routes against their daily job list using GIS from a mobile device. They can also track the time and mileage associated with each job for reporting purposes.
  • Access information at the click of a button: Inspectors can interact with the agency database in real time, reference approved plans on a mobile device instead of carrying them onsite and even create new cases in the field. They can also quickly verify work being done has a permit by searching for recent permit applications.
  • Enter real-time inspection results: Staff can result inspections in the field as they work and submit them remotely—no waiting until the end of the day to transcribe handwritten notes into the system. They can include information, pictures and approvals from the same mobile device, eliminating the need to go into the office.
  • Keep citizens informed with automated notifications: Accela proactively keeps your customers informed with automated messages throughout the process, minimizing phone calls to your agency. Once an inspection has been completed, an automatic notification is sent to the contractor with final approval and a Certificate of Occupancy.

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