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Meet unique regulatory requirements and empower educators

Accela enables education agencies to save time and money by automating civic processes and reducing paper-based transactions. Using Accela Education Licensing, your agency can license and regulate various types of educational professionals, including:

Counselors and social workers
Special education instructors
Teaching assistants and interns

With Accela, your agency can streamline the workflow associated with processing applications and license renewals, tracking continuing education requirements and managing enforcement activities.

Key Features

  • Automated workflow with built-in routing and task lists
  • With the Accela Civic Platform, your agency can move traditional counter services to the web and realize the benefits of providing 24-hour self-service online for the public to apply for permits and licenses, schedule inspections, submit service requests and check the status of these activities
  • Powerful reporting and analytics help you visualize and share your data

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