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Enable registration for hunting, fishing and sporting licenses online and reduce costly paperwork

With Accela Recreational Licenses, your agency can speed the licensing process and reduce paperwork by offering automated processes for application, licensing, renewal and fee collection. With a flexible solution, agencies of all sizes can offer recreational licensing for various types, including:


The online licensing capability is simple to use, enabling sportsmen and women to conduct license transactions wherever and whenever convenient for them. Users simply register online and create a user account. Once activated, citizens can easily complete a transaction, such as purchasing a sporting license, updating information or reporting a harvest.

Key Features

  • Automated workflow with built-in routing and task lists
  • With the Accela Civic Platform, your agency can move traditional counter services to the web and realize the benefits of providing 24-hour self-service online for the public to apply for permits and licenses, schedule inspections, submit service requests and check the status of these activities

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