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Right of Way Management


Map-based coordination for smarter, safer streets

When it comes to managing your projects in the public right of way, communication and coordination is key. Accela’s dynamic, cloud-based Right of Way Management solution provides visibility into street activities, reduces the impact of infrastructure projects on residents and businesses, and saves time and money.

Key Features

Facilitate better communication and coordination between your agency, utilities and citizens
Leverage real-time, map-based coordination to provide visibility into all projects and events
Prevent potential safety and scheduling issues prior to construction
Optimize limited budgets and maximize opportunity for cost-sharing


utility coordination

Coordinate right of way activities in real-time, minimizing conflicts and unnecessary street cuts while stretching budgets and increasing pavement lifetime. Learn More ›



Enable events to be planned and unplanned incidents to be taken care of in conjunction with planned projects and permitted work. Learn More ›


From permits to project plans, bring enhanced coordination capabilities to the permitting process. 
Learn More ›



Provide citizens with visibility into events, projects and timelines of important right-of-way activities with online mapping. Learn More ›